How can we help you with Linux?

Are you brand new and looking to get started? Are you looking for a Linux career? Just having fun with Linux on your desktop? Are you interested in just having a better way to use computers based on open-source sharing, civil-liberties, personal privacy, and a helpful community? Is there a specific project or issue you need help working through?

You’ve come to the right place.

Get involved

Come hang out with us

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Most meetings offer an in-person option as well as an online remote option. RSVP on Meetup to get the address or meeting link and current topic for upcoming events.

Free as in speech and Free as in beer!

In either sense, Linux users are all about free. There is no cost for NLUG membership or meetings.

Meetup Logo Address, Map, and Meeting Link available on Meetup

Join the conversation

NLUG Google GroupForum/Mailing list on Google Groups


At the heart of the Open-Source movement, Linux is one of the most community-driven technologies around. NLUG has been helping the Nashville area share, geek out, and help each other since 1997. We rotate content to suit IT professionals, hobbyists, & newbies. We routinely feature subjects such as

    • System Administration
    • Software Development
    • Security
    • DevOps
    • Virtualization & Containers
    • Networking
    • Certification
    • Career Development
    • Desktop Applications
    • Hardware, and more.


Using Slack

We started using Slack to supplement live discussion in the NLUG community. We don’t have any intention of abandoning our mailing list/Google Group which has been in use for decades. Like IRC, Slack is just better for live chat/ real-time conversation. Combined with the mailing list, it gives us more robust community discussions.Other benefits are …


How can we help you?